Hilltop House is only a 1.6km walk from the Ocean View Estates Winery and Restaurant via their easement.  Enjoy a pleasurable 25 minute walk over green hills.

The track is a combination of walking track, grass and dirt road track.

Closed shoes are advisable.

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hilltop house to ocean view winery static map

  1. Walk West along Sunrise Drive, from Hilltop House.
  2. Enter the rural gate between 216 and 208 Sunrise Drive. Follow the track between the star pickets through and over a lush, sometimes wet gully.
  3. Enter the next rural gate. Cattle usually graze on these fields so keep gates closed please.
  4. The picketed, mowed grass track leads you to the winery’s private dirt road. Note this point for your return walk, otherwise you may miss it. A short stroll and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the winery.
  5. One last gate, a few more metres and you’re at the Ocean View Estates Winery and Restaurant. Your well-earned glass of wine awaits you.